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Do you deliver ?

In some cases we do deliver. This will depend on when and where you would need it delivered, as we would need to fit it around our delivery drivers current schedule. The delivery fee starts at $20. Another option is a courier organised by you, However, we are unable to take responsibility for damaged goods in this instance. 

I would like to cancel my order, How do I do this ?  

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel an order. If given less than 48 hours notice, we are unable to issue a refund.

I would like a custom cake, can you make this for me ?

We do not provide custom cake making or other custom requests. If you see something in store that is not in the online shop, send us an email and we can discuss making it to order. 

I would like to buy something for tomorrow but your store won't let me, can I still place my order ? 

Give us a call as soon as possible & we will see if we can squeeze it into the Kitchens timetable. Our online store stops anyone from being able to place an order to be picked up within 3 days from when you place the order.
If you aren’t able to get a hold of us via phone, you can email us here & we will get back to you between the hours or 9-5, Monday to Friday.

I emailed you and I haven’t heard back, why?

As we get sent hundreds of emails every week, sometimes it takes us a while to respond to each and every one. If you have an urgent query, please call us to speak to someone on 094898527.

What’s for Dinner in After Hours Tonight, & can I eat in?

After Hours is a take home dinner service, with fresh & healthy salads, woodfired pizzas & a different main each night. We also have a large variety of desserts available. No ordering is necessary. You can view this weeks menu here.

Can I reserve a table?

We don’t take reservations. Our busiest hours are between 10am-2pm, especially Friday-Sunday, so if you are coming with a large group we recommend coming outside of these hours. If you are here with a group & trying to find a table, please let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you have gluten free/vegetarian/dairy free options?

In the café, we do have a small variety of items that fit these dietary requirements, but keep in mind we are essentially a bakery, so flour and butter are our main ingredients!
After Hours has dinner options each night that fit these dietary requirements.

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Email us here.